This list of questions is designed to help anyone looking for some quick info on Social Psychology. The intent is not to become a wiki, but rather to provide a few quick links as a starting point.






FAQ Answers

Q: What is Social Psychology?

A: Social Psychology is the study of the individual in society. Psychological Social Psychology tends to begin with the individual and moves inward to cognition. Sociological Social Psychology begins with the individual working in the other direction toward groups and roles. Both fields are concerned with the person’s perception of self. A nice summary of this connection can be found at the following link:

Trinity.edu Social Psych

Q: What professional associations are involved with Social Psychology?

A: Social Psychology grows out of an interesting and often tension filled intersection between Sociology and Psychology. Therefore, the two most important places to begin this type of search (from a U.S. perspective) is the American Sociological Association and American Psychological Association:

ASA Social Psych Link
APA Social Psych Link

A: There also exists a few formal organizations:

Society for Personality and Social Psychology – Psychology
International Society for Self and Identity – Interdisciplinary

Q: What sholarship should a Social Psychologist follow?

A: As with any substantive academic pursuit there are many options, but some of the most important are:

Social Psychology Quarterly (ASA Social Psych)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (APA Social Psych)

Social Psychology (International Social Psychology)

The Journal of Social Psychology

European Review of Social Psychology

Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Q: Are there Social Psychological texts that begin from a Sociological perspective?

A: There are some great options:

Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives

Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective

Within the Social World: Essays in Social Psychology

Self and Society: A Symbolic Interactionist Social Psychology

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Social Psychology

Q: Are there web resources avaliable to investigate Sociological Social Psychology online?

A: Online Sources:

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Society of Experimental Social Psychology


Q: What funding/grant options are avaliable for Social Psychologists?

A: Funding:

National Science Foundation

Sources of Research Funding