SocialPsych.orgThis website came to life for two reasons, (1) because I am passionate about Social Psychology and wanted a venue where I could share and express this part of my life, and (2) as a response to sites like the Social Psychology Network. Sites like that do a great job, however, they begin from a Psychological starting point. The goal of this site is to begin an investigation of Social Psychology from a Sociological stand point (with an interdisciplinary mixture an important sub-goal).

The Disclaimer: All of the content on this website is solely my responsibility. Many hyperlinks on this website are to pages outside the control of SocialPsych.org. Please bear in mind that, though I have professional affiliation with many of these organizations, none of the content on this site is officially sanctioned by any of them. All links and information are provided purely to help you identify further avenues to pursue social psychology.

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